Tuesday, July 20, 2010

So many ideas & don't know where 2 start!!..ugh

Frustrated is what I am..why? well because I know that I have what it takes to be a photographer, however when going thru tough times it just feels like it's going to be a while before I can do what will really make me happy career-wise. I mean the more i'm @ home thinking about ways to do things with photos the more I can excited but than there's a reality moment that brings everything down!!..UGH!! So it's like i'm driving comfortably than these big humps on the rode stop me from going past them!! I tell myself that slowly but surely I will do what makes me happy, but in the mean time I just have to make a to-do list for my life & as i'm accomplish them check them off!! Staying positive is all I can do right?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I'm Back

So it's been about 4 months (WOW!!) since i've blogged!! Seriously it's obvious that I wasn't able to work, work @ home & blog, you have the whole routine going and for me I had to cut one thing out. Blogging was pushed out without even realizing!!..lol But what matters now is that I'm back. School's out, kids are home relaxing, sleep overs @ our house, cousins house, filling up the pool, re-filling the pool; WHEW!!..getting tired just typing it.. So I go the camera that I've always wanted. So you know that I've been carrying it like it's my fourth child!!...I LUV IT!! I've been taking quite a few (ALOT) pictures.
I'm seriously looking into going to back to school & get my degree in something that I will be happy with like "PHOTOGRAPHY". Boy do I have alot to say or what? See this is what happens when I'm gone for too long!! So for now here are some pictures that I have taken with my NEW CAMERA, hope you like them!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

I can actually say this is one of my memorable moments!!.. (hers too of course...lol)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

So again i'm being MIA from my blog!!...so much has happened, from getting my bedroom furniture as a Valentine's Day gift to Alyssa having a Daddy Daughter Dance!! I went of course but only because again no one would be able to take pictures like i would!!..lol It was a nice nite for her & her daddy, i just wished i had a dance to go with my dad. Her daddy even picked out the dress, i did her hair (which it took a while because she was complaining of how long it was taking) In the end it turned out really CUTE!! Now as far as my bedroom furniture it's really special because it's the year where we turn 10yrs of marriage in December. So we decided that this would be the year to get "our" furniture only because since the begining of our union we've had used furniture in from dining room to the kids furniture. So again this is year where we will start making our house into a "home"...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

So it's been awhile since been here, i've been so caught up with life itself that i forgot how much i enjoy writing on my blog!! Anywho, ok so my job has been so CRAZY, my co-worker decides that she rather be @ home with her 5 kids. That's good that she can do that just because i was blessed to be with my kiddos until the last one started 1st grade. But @ the same time i'm gonna be left training & starting over with someone else when the school year is almost!!!...Oh well, it is what it is I always say...
What else happened that makes me so happy but @ the same time sad because my little girl Alyssa turned 7yrs this month!!..now i'm planning her 1st skating party & i'm having fun just the lil bit that i have started on. I want to celebrate each birthday for all of my children because those are times that I want all of us to cherish as each year passes by...just thinking about it, i get teary eyed...But they're happy tears....

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Emma!!!

Ok so today is the COWBOYS vs Eagles..(notice how i didn't capitalize) their name..lol Any way well were home watching the game. Of course we're winning!!

I had a good week @ work, except that my boys were sick with ear infections. I worked today yes on a Saturday, but it was only 3 hrs. We also went to my niece's 1st bday Emma, she's our youngest in my husband's family. Of course it just reminds me of how my babies have grown. It was really nice, it was @ Chucky Cheese's so you know you can alway
s be a kid there...wink!.. I don't come from a big family so when we get together with his family it's cool cuz there's kids everywhere (thank God it wasn't @ my house)..I took alot of pics for her because you know when you are hosting a party either you have a party where it's kinda like a buffet & you have time to do it or if your attending to your invites you forget to take this moments because your making sure everyone is having a good time. I some how managed though because when someone helps me (nice thing to do for someone) i'm very picky because i'm like "Oh i could've done it @ a diff angle"..than I go to bed thinking "I should have been taking pictures, it'll take me a while to get over it...seriously. I think i have a problem...lol...well here are some, but again not having the right camera makes a difference, this is the year though!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

To New Beginnings in 2010

So were in 2010!!!! I can actually say that 2 weeks that I was in vacation I ENJOYED IT!!!..I mean my husband & I hosted Christmas Eve, Christmas Day & New Year's Eve & survived!!..lol No seriously I loved being with my family & my husband's family...I'm being very honest only because there's been in the past that we have family gatherings & all I can say is that thank goodness we only see each other on special occasions!!!...But this time it felt really special, we made a gingerbread house on Christmas Eve & played "Guesstures"...than on Christmas we played catch up with my husband's family...

The 2 weeks that I had been off I had been thinking about what do I want to accomplish i'm not going to label it, i'm just going to put it on My Bucket List..lol & plus our friends invited us to Costa Rica so u know what that means it's sweatin time!!!...But seriously i've always been the type to start sumthing but never finishes. I choose to no longer be this way...so to "NEW BEGINNINGS"...