Saturday, February 27, 2010

So again i'm being MIA from my blog!! much has happened, from getting my bedroom furniture as a Valentine's Day gift to Alyssa having a Daddy Daughter Dance!! I went of course but only because again no one would be able to take pictures like i would!! It was a nice nite for her & her daddy, i just wished i had a dance to go with my dad. Her daddy even picked out the dress, i did her hair (which it took a while because she was complaining of how long it was taking) In the end it turned out really CUTE!! Now as far as my bedroom furniture it's really special because it's the year where we turn 10yrs of marriage in December. So we decided that this would be the year to get "our" furniture only because since the begining of our union we've had used furniture in from dining room to the kids furniture. So again this is year where we will start making our house into a "home"...

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