Friday, July 31, 2009

That's my oldest Patrick..just turned 12yrs..going on sure parents that have kids this age know what im talking about!!!

Out of all the pictures, this one was my FAVORITE!!!

ok so he actually stood still so we could take this cute is that!!!

Than she wanted to take a pic with a nice smile...that's my girl...xoxoxoxo

So she asked if she could take a goofy pic....

Family Day

Ok so today i'm excited only because we are doing a Family Day. We we're supposed to go to Sea World but some things came up & we had to post pone the trip. To make it up to them we are taking them to the World Aquarium, so u know what that means great pics!!! I heard many good reviews about the aquarium so we are really looking forward to it..Have a great day & will post pics of our "Family Day". :0)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

My passion is getting stronger

ok ever since i've decided what my real passion is i can't sleep!!! im sure you know what i mean when u luv sumthing besides ur hubby or ur kids & just can't stop thinking because ur passion is like another child. U ask urself "ok what's my next step" make this more interesting for urself as well as the people ur trying to reach. im still underconstruction & that also means finding the right camera 4 me!! if u have any advice im all ears or shuld i say im all (mayb not that funny, as along as u know what i meant)..4 now have a blessed day...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

the men in my life..

Jacob & Alyssa
Alyssa Amaris

Daddy's girl..

My big boy Patrick


My lil one sure is growing up!!

Jacob & Jacob (Cruz) practicing...

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Steelers

Today was an exciting day only because it was Jacob's first practice in a sport. My husband got to see his lil minnie me play the sport that he's luved all his life!!! So I enjoyed watching him give him a few pointers. I'm kinda nervous because it's tackle football so that means that they may get hurt but my husband says that it will just make him strong physically & mentally. My friend Glenda was also there because her kiddos also play & she's the one that had told me about the team..I took great pictures i think, so will post them tomorrow.


I'm going to post more pics of the work i've done in the past with my family..& to see where i need to improve. I think that it will help me learn what I am doing wrong or right. I really enjoy taking pictures and hope that one day I will be good enough to do it professionally. I love to capture the moments that go by in a blink of an eye so that we can cherish them forever.

My World

They are my H@ppy Moments...Sergio, Patrick, Jacob & my princess Alyssa...

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Well for the most part i have let friends & family know about my plans!!! U know having a good support system is always the best part, only because i believe that when they believe in you it just makes it more special to thrive on it more!!! Because you are not husband, my children and everyone else that are important in my life. They i can't back down now that i'm letting everyone know what im planning to kidding TTYL

Saturday, July 25, 2009

My Vision

Well good morning everyone!!..After last nite i couldn't stop thinking about my plans..I was talking to my counsin n law Emma & i told her my plans of photography, she was so giving me more ideas that now i really want to jump start everything!!! For the most part i have what it takes only because it's in my heart to capture moments that we won't get back..the way i see it is, if you can't remember in your mind well than you have the memory in front of look @ anytime you want..I know there's plenty of photographers out there & that's fine. But you hire the person you will feel comfortable with..i truly believe that the only way to capture each and every moment starts with the photographer. My job would be to make it as special because it's a moment (and i'm saying it again) that you can't get back..corny but true!!..will keep you updated as my vision is growing..To all my friends & family your support counts so if you have any feedback please don't hesitate to tell me...luv ya lots!!!