Saturday, July 25, 2009

My Vision

Well good morning everyone!!..After last nite i couldn't stop thinking about my plans..I was talking to my counsin n law Emma & i told her my plans of photography, she was so giving me more ideas that now i really want to jump start everything!!! For the most part i have what it takes only because it's in my heart to capture moments that we won't get back..the way i see it is, if you can't remember in your mind well than you have the memory in front of look @ anytime you want..I know there's plenty of photographers out there & that's fine. But you hire the person you will feel comfortable with..i truly believe that the only way to capture each and every moment starts with the photographer. My job would be to make it as special because it's a moment (and i'm saying it again) that you can't get back..corny but true!!..will keep you updated as my vision is growing..To all my friends & family your support counts so if you have any feedback please don't hesitate to tell me...luv ya lots!!!

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  1. Hi Claudia! I just wanted to tell you that you have done a fantastic job on your blog! I wish you all the best on your future plans of photography! Beautiful family!

    ~ Yarn ~