Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I'm Back

So it's been about 4 months (WOW!!) since i've blogged!! Seriously it's obvious that I wasn't able to work, work @ home & blog, you have the whole routine going and for me I had to cut one thing out. Blogging was pushed out without even realizing!! But what matters now is that I'm back. School's out, kids are home relaxing, sleep overs @ our house, cousins house, filling up the pool, re-filling the pool; WHEW!!..getting tired just typing it.. So I go the camera that I've always wanted. So you know that I've been carrying it like it's my fourth child!!...I LUV IT!! I've been taking quite a few (ALOT) pictures.
I'm seriously looking into going to back to school & get my degree in something that I will be happy with like "PHOTOGRAPHY". Boy do I have alot to say or what? See this is what happens when I'm gone for too long!! So for now here are some pictures that I have taken with my NEW CAMERA, hope you like them!

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