Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Emma!!!

Ok so today is the COWBOYS vs Eagles..(notice how i didn't capitalize) their Any way well were home watching the game. Of course we're winning!!

I had a good week @ work, except that my boys were sick with ear infections. I worked today yes on a Saturday, but it was only 3 hrs. We also went to my niece's 1st bday Emma, she's our youngest in my husband's family. Of course it just reminds me of how my babies have grown. It was really nice, it was @ Chucky Cheese's so you know you can alway
s be a kid there...wink!.. I don't come from a big family so when we get together with his family it's cool cuz there's kids everywhere (thank God it wasn't @ my house)..I took alot of pics for her because you know when you are hosting a party either you have a party where it's kinda like a buffet & you have time to do it or if your attending to your invites you forget to take this moments because your making sure everyone is having a good time. I some how managed though because when someone helps me (nice thing to do for someone) i'm very picky because i'm like "Oh i could've done it @ a diff angle"..than I go to bed thinking "I should have been taking pictures, it'll take me a while to get over it...seriously. I think i have a here are some, but again not having the right camera makes a difference, this is the year though!!


  1. Emma is so cute. Every time any kid has a birthday I feel older by a year. You take great pics so don't worry about the camera you the one you have.

  2. Thank u chica!!...But seriously i do want to upgrade, you'll see when i get it you'll see the difference...