Monday, August 24, 2009

Today was the 1st day of school for all my 3 kids. Patrick started 7th grade, Jacob 3rd & Alyssa 1st grade. It was kinda a whirlwind this morning & i was kinda cranky bcuz in my mind i had it all planned out how this morning was going to be. & it didnt turn out that way. But than i got over it. I feel blessed though because i got to take my 2 younger kids with me. Jacob is usually my whiner but because he knew that i was going to be there he was great plus he had already met his teachers in orientation. Now Patrick is my oldest & he surely showed it today. He's so mature, i didnt have to go with him, he didnt ask me either. It had crossed my mind @ one point but the more i thought about it the more i knew i would be overdoing it. Now Alyssa also did awesome for a 1st grader!! Her teacher said she did very good aside from her talking without (my husband says she's Claudia course you know i had to take a picture to remember another special moment...

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  1. Hey Amiga!

    "Congrats", on your children going back to school. Hope they have a great year!!
    *You have beautiful children*
    You are truely blessed!

    ~Amor, Familia Y Cultura~